Every year, thousands of women immigrate to the US legally on H4 or dependent spouse visas that deny them work authorization. Hearts Suspended – a short autobiographical documentary reveals the untold story of highly educated South Asian immigrant women, who struggle to survive having been denied the basic right to work. Once independent, now completely dependent, they face loneliness, depression, loss of self-identity, strained marital relations and – in extreme cases – exploitation and abuse. Through a unique expressionistic combination of visuals, monologue, verite footage and interviews, the film takes us on a journey into the director inner turmoil’s, search for spiritual strength and eventual resolve to bring hope and political change for other women who are simply suspended in time.

Social Change

On May 26, 2015, after over a decade of advocacy with Hearts Suspended, approximately 1,79,600 dependent spouses were allowed to apply for work authorization. We continue to advocate for the remain spouses.